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Business Link Information and How To's

1.     You Must Register. Then Get Approved !

2.     Once you have been approved, you must log in and click on Options > Member Home > Submit Business Link.

3.     "Type of Business Link":  PICK ONE!

     A.   Free - 90 Days of Free listing.  Will Automatically expire in 90 Days, you will be notified prior to 90 days. 

     B.   Reciprocal - FREE LINK - but you must put a reciprocal link on your web page to return traffic.   Contact us for Details!

     C.   Permanent - $20.00 Per Year ( $1.66 Per Month, CHEAP ) and your link stays up permanently!  No Reciprocal Required!

          Advantages:     1.   You Can Change your wording, your pictures, your link, what ever you want, when you want.

                           2.    Yes, If you need help, we can help you with any of these changes!

                           3.    You can post your Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Specials.

4.     Pick the Appropriate Category, If you need more then one category, just let us know.

5.     Submit your url ( Example: ).  The system should spider the rest of the information from your website. Must be a Website,      not  Facebook account

6.     Make sure to enter your email address / This is how you will be notified of comments, ratings, and any changes or edits to your link !

7.     Ownership:  Place your registered member name in this section.

8.     If you are a "Reciprocal Member", Place the link where the reciprocal link is located or ignore!

9.     Expiration Date:  Do not change!  This is an Administrative option!

10.    Now Click on "Submit"  All Done, just wait for approval.  You will be notified via email upon activation.

11.    Lets Get that Business Link up and running:    Click Here To Submit A Link and Register!

If you need Help With Anything, Please Feel Free To Contact Us:

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